Had a follow up CT yesterday to see how well my lungs have progressed since my initial Rituximab infusion in December. The large inflammatory lesion in my right upper lung has improved significantly. However, there is now increased "ground glass opacities" in the right upper lobe and there is collapse (atelectasis) at the lingula of my left lung. My left mainstem bronchus looks inflamed as well. My medical team agreed I need a repeat bronchoscopy to make sure this is not infection (infection is certainly a possibility with all of the immunosuppression we receive during this process as you all know). If there is no infection, then next step would be to add an oral medication called Mycophenolate to my regimen. They say some patients fail Rituximab despite doing everything right, but they won't know for sure if this is a Rituximab failure until they re-assess with bronchoscopy.

Anyone else go thru anything like this?