Hello everyone. I wanted to wait until my eyes stopped bothering me before I made this post. Over the past three days I've had a lot of redness in my eyes with excessive tearing and because of that, I didn't believe what I was seeing in my blood work results. Today I feel much better, so I took a look. It turns out that my eyes weren't deceiving me at all. My kidneys took a 180 turn into the better direction. Here in Canada we measure our kidney levels with GFR and Creatinine differently than in the United States. According to last 2021 & 2022 kidney scares, the GFR was rapidly declining, almost needing a biopsy to see what's going on. Suddenly, the kidneys took pity on me and started behaving! So the GFR is sitting at exactly 100, even though lots of blood leaked into the urine.

I want to stay optimistic, but I'm iffy on this.... the calm before the storm. Do kidneys bounce around like a ball on a basket-ball court after disease flares or should I just enjoy this for what it is?