Wow, you have such fabulous positive energy, Marta! I'm SO happy that you've been in remission since 2019 too! I'll definitely take note of everything you mentioned and discuss it with my new doctor. They already have me on a wait list for cancellations and got me in at the end of June instead of August at least!

I can imagine weaning of prednisone would pretty much suck. I'm dreading the point where they are going to let me wean off lorazepam but that won't happen until I'm in remission--actually I have a few problems that are being placed on hold until the GPA is under control including my lovely IBS issues! I know most of my non-GPA problems stem from of all the meds being thrown into my body so my primary care doctor and GI doctor both have specifically said to do my best to hang in there with the other issues until remission. It is definitely challenging and some days are much worse than others but reading about your journey as well as those of others who have gotten through and are in a good place now shines some light at the end of this crummy time!

Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and others, Marta!