Hi all. I was diagnosed with GPA back in 2005, when my kidneys failed and I was hospitalised for about a month, on dialysis and plasma exchange. The kidneys got a bit better and I've had chronic stage 3 ckd since then but no need for dialysis. After the initial dose of prednisolone and cyclophosphamide I was on mycophenolate mofetil and prednisolone for a couple of years, then a low dose of azathioprine and prednisolone for about 10 years or so, until I came off meds entirely about 5 years ago.

My kidney function is still stable but I've had increasing nasal 'stuffiness' these last couple of months which my kidney consultant thinks might indicate a flare up. And my latest blood test showed positive anca for the first time since 2005, so I think he's probably right. My symptoms are basically that my ears and nose feel stuffed up all the time and it feels like a lot of effort to swallow. I've had a bit of vertigo and every night I jolt awake several times while trying to fall asleep. I've not had any nose bleeds or pain in my sinuses.

I've got an appointment with an ENT consultant in a couple of weeks and just wondering what to expect, as I have never had sinus issues before this. I've been told they will stick a camera up my nose. Would inflammation be visible by that alone, or will they need to take a biopsy? Does anyone have any relevant experiences to share?

I kinda wish they'd just assume it's GPA and whack me back on the steroids before my kidneys conk out for good, but I guess doctors know best (I hope).