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Thread: Bad Smell and taste During GPA

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    Default Bad Smell and taste During GPA

    Hi I was diagnosed with GPA 4 weeks ago but have had symptoms for about 12 weeks now. But for last 8 weeks have developed very bad smell and taste problem especially with food items with flavor and smell.
    I doctor has just started me on PREDNISONE 60MG daily ABF orally.

    Is it due to sinuses?? but my ENT says there is no problem with my sinuses; coz all looks good when he sees by hand held scope. Should i go for an MRI.

    is this normal in GPA??

    Does one ever recover from this smell/taste condition??

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    Default Re: Bad Smell and taste During GPA

    Nothing is normal with GPA first of all. My sinuses thus taste are wiped out. Pred could cause that, does wonders for the appetite! My ENT not only took a hand held scope, but rammed a TV tube up there and showed me the damage...hmmm, that wasn't fun, but it was exposing as I could see where some GPA effects did damage. Not sure an MRI would do any better than that up there. As for recovering, mmm, maybe...sometimes...I hope so...nope, permanent damage there. Best to's a long road and sometimes bumpier than we know.

    PS: I hope you're getting experienced help from the docs, many have never seen this disease in action.
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