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From what I am reading today protection from vaccination starts to wane at 3 months and provides little protection after 6 months, hence the need for boosters.
I have not had the vaccine but contracted Delta in Augusta and was given the antibody therapy. I caught it right at one month before my Rituxan infusion. I decided to test for antibodies and was offered the test for those vaccinated to measure a level of antibodies. After two months I have much higher antibody levels than a workmate that had the vaccination. The lady that performed the test questioned if I had just gotten over it within the last week. I am NOT A DOCTOR.. but it seems like the antibody therapy allowed me to get over the virus without putting my own immune system through the task. My ANCA/PR3 numbers were much better than anticipated after having the virus and I believe it is due to not having to make my immune system work so hard. Please consider mentioning this to your doctor. TBH I doubt I will take another vaccination again of any kind and definitely not boosters.