Someone on this site wrote about having T cells tested for antibodies. Go to T Cell Direct. I had it done, yes, the vaccine did work on my T cells. This is a very interesting subject for those of us who thought the vaccine gave us no protection. A lot of good information out there about T cells. My Medicare did not pay for this test, but for my peace of mind it was well worth the cost.

Other good news, my rheumatologist ran some ANCA tests in between my regular ones and came out normal. Been going this way for a few years now.

Also had postponed my mammogram because of covid. Since my mother had late life breast cancer this has been a cause for concern. This came back normal too. YIPEE

Now, I am again attempting to decrease prednisone, want to be like Pete. Whenever I have attempted this in the past, I get an infection or simmer. It took me 5 weeks to get from 10 to 9 1/2. Slow goes it, if it takes me a year, so be it. Better late than never.

Still getting Rituxin infusions 2X yearly.