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Thread: Slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis by following a strict diet.

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    Default Slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis by following a strict diet.

    I saw an interesting movie last night called Living Proof about a movement where many people had arrested or slowed the progression of their multiple sclerosis by following a very strict diet. Multiple sclerosis is another very severe disabling autoimmune disorder. I know many people with diabetes use low-carb diets and exercise to help manage their diabetes Which is another very significant autoimmune disorder for millions of people.

    One of the controversies that you frequently read about is the huge pharmaceutical companies that make billions of dollars off our illnesses are not very invested in finding any cheaper treatments or actual cures for illness since it would have a very negative impact on their bottom line. They also have a huge impact on our health and insurance delivery systems due to their influence of spending billions of dollars to determine and influence our healthcare policies.

    I was wondering if there is any research that supports the benefits of any dietary exercise plan in helping us Weggies avoid flares or managing our symptoms. Have any of our forum users experienced any significant improvement from a diet and exercise plan that they are willing to share.
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    Default Re: Slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis by following a strict diet.

    I have several decades of personal stories of trying to treat WG with diet and natural treatments- all failures unfortunately. Perhaps others have had success.
    I recently heard of some people treating autoimmune disease (though not specifically WG) with a carnivore diet and claiming to have had success.

    I do believe in following an anti inflammatory diet as much as possible - for general good health if nothing else. Infection is known to increase the rate of flares so I think it's possible that other sources of inflammation could also contribute- but I'm just guessing.
    I also believe in leading a healthy life style so as to avoid problems that DO respond to diet and life style (this does apply to quite a few conditions) and to be in better shape when trouble does come along that possibly could not be avoided.

    I agree that there is no doubt a lot of powerful and useful diets and treatments that may never get properly studied because there is not money to be made on them. A flip side of the problem is that the world of natural medicine is rife with fraudulent claims and does not seem capable of self regulation or interested in funding truly good studies. Billions are spent on things that simply do not work. I think there is as much greed in the herbal world as there is in the pharmaceutical world. Name any illness you want and Google the cure for it- you will find several for any disease you can name. The more incurable something is the more cures you will find for it- as in the case of tinnitus.

    I think trying to stay healthy is win/win. I have had the most success using natural means to manage symptoms and counteract negative effects of the pharmaceuticals that I must take.

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