Hello friends, ive missed you! Been quite awhile since i came on here. I have a stenosis. I have been to ENT and been scoped during this round of cough. He says it looks good in there. Why am i coughing? Every night. All. Night. Long. For 2 months. I dont sleep. Im ready to give up. Rheumy started me on 20mg pred 10 days ago, did not help. Now went up to 40 mg. But i dont know what the root is. Is it post nasal drip causing the cough? sometimes i bring up hard mucus, sometimes i do not. When will it end??? Rheumy says she doesnt thing its wegs related. I dont believe that, but they never find a cause. Thanks guys. This is my 20th year of having wegeners....you would think i could have it figured out by now. I am beyond weary. I know it will get better, because it always has...just dont know when.