Hey from Florida. I donít have a diagnosis again and my last appointment made me feel farther away from one than before. I feel like Iím going crazy and I have NO clue where to turn at this point. I have seen many doctors over the last 3.5 years with no confirmed diagnosis. They say that itís not normal but no clue what it could be. I am getting depressed because I feel like Iím getting the flu most days and my brain function is nowhere close to what it should be with no relief or help. Iím pretty sure my husband thinks Iím faking things. Iíll try to make this as short as possible but can someone tell me if you have experienced anything similar?

I was a busy type of person, always doing some type of project or craft on top of a full time job. My symptoms hit out of nowhere. Started simple but then I would develop a new one every month it seemed. My symptoms include running low grade fevers everyday, constant runny nose, bone and muscle aches off and on, pain on left side towards my back, dry eyes so bad I canít open them some mornings because they are stuck. Bruises everywhere for no reason, weight loss, absolutely no appetite, rashes and weird discoloring on my legs, enlarged liver, partially collapsed lung, blood in my urine, bladder pain, horrible stomach discomfort and heartburn. The worst has been the fatigue and brain fog. Over the last 3.5 years, Iíve had biopsies of my stomach and was told it was very inflamed but they couldnít find a cause. Gave me a prescription for Prilosec. Iíve had many many blood test. They are all over the place. They have ranged from normal results to not. I have found that the results never match how I feel at the time Iím giving blood. I have tested positive for Proteinase-3 Antibody each time Iíve been tested so my Rheumatologist thought I had GPA but due to the ENT not seeing polyps in my sinuses, she couldnít diagnose me with it. Sheís labeled my autoimmune as connective tissue The consistent, not normal results are always low white blood count, positive PR-3, urine test show low protein & creatinine but not really low. I did test positive for ANA about 6 months ago and the notes said Nuclear, Dense Fine Speckled (donít know what it means). However my last test in December was negative so my rheumatologist told me this week she wants to see if my symptoms are neurological and she couldnít begin me on a treatment. I cried like a child. To me, this just tells me she doesnít know whatís wrong and Iím probably imagining my symptoms. Then today I wake up and felt like I had been drugged or took a sleeping pill that hadnít worn off. Iím so frustrated.