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So, I work in healthcare. I was Covid tested the week before because I had sinus issues and it was negative. I went on antibiotics. On the 6th I woke up and lost all sense of smell. I contacted my work and they tested me again. That time I came back positive. I noticed that my sinuses felt swollen and just weird. My lungs started burning and I could not take a breath without severe burning pain. I have lung issues, but I’ve never had pneumonia. It was getting worse for about a week. My Drs refused to see me & I went to urgent care. They did xrays and I have bilateral pneumonia and shortness of breath. I’m over due for a Rituxin treatment, so at the moment I have frequent bloody noses, my joints hurt, I don’t know how much is from GPA or Covid. I still have some chest burning and am short of breath as well. So, to answer your question, the only real difference for me was my loss of smell, burning in chest and severe shortness of breath.

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Sounds tough... I am sorry. Sending you prayers.

How are you doing ?

I did have "pneomonia" which was wg flare. Had it in 2 or 3 flares.