So where to start?

About April 2019 I developed what the Dr through was a sinus infection after taking antibiotics the issue didnít go away I also got a blocked noseÖand I mean blocked like there is a plug up there.
I was told it was nasal polyps so we went down that avenue. Until they realized it wasnít polyps.
Doctors didnít know what I had. In walks a specialist I have never seen before & noticed I had what I now know as saddle nose. She suspected Wegenerís and I was sent for a biopsy which came back positive. So I had a completely blocked nose, cant smell, canít taste and have a headache that has never gone away. Itís been over a year and the headache wonít go 24/7. The pain score I give it is a 6/10 so enough to really get you down.
Was at about this time my wife had a miscarriage at 8 weeks we were both devastated.
Fatigue was really hard on me & found I needed to nap throughout the day, as the headaches would increase in pain but never decrease below my baseline which is 6/10.
We now find out that we are pregnant again..Woo Hoo.
Time goes on and Iím waiting for surgery while taking my Methotrexate & Steroids.
I do have to have plastic surgery on my nose to build the bridge fix the perforation. They are inserting plastic tubeís into the nostrils held together with a skin graft. Hopefully being able to breathe again thru the nose the flow on effect will stop the headache or at least take some of the pain away.
So with all Covid lockdown as I live in Melbourne, Australia, the stress of the illness with the never ending headache just if that wasnít enough stress on April 16th this year my wife gave birth to triplets 1 girl & 2 boys. Wow itís crazy.
I have been seen to about the headaches & itís nothing else like a tumour or the like.
Is there anybody else having ongoing headaches?
Signing off there, hope to speak to you again. Seems like a very good site so I will be dropping in quite often.
Have a great day.