I came across an interesting article the other day about breakups, where the authors actually conducted a study on breakup reconciliation (s=5000), in order to analyze and subsequently discuss if people were generally more likely to end up getting back together with their exes after a breakup or to remain broken up for good. The statistical data provided in their article was actually quite comprehensive and separately displayed their results according to various categorical ranges (age vs likelihood of getting back, gender vs likelihood of getting back, likelihood of getting back together permanently vs temporarily, reasons for the breakup in relation to how it affected long/short term reconciliation, differences between marriage reconciliation vs relationship reconciliation, etc).

After reading the article, I ended up having a long debate with some of my colleagues the next day over this topic because we all had differences in certain views/opinions and how/why we felt a particular way when it came to reconciling with an ex or second chances in general. I get that everyone is entitled to their own opinions at the end of the day and even if we don't agree with them, at the very least - we should still always choose to acknowledge/respect their views without any sort of prejudice or judgement. However, listening to my colleagues views and opinions also made me realize that all of us are ultimately shaped by our own personal experiences (which can sometimes be biased/narrow minded), and by listening to the views/opinions/rationale of others, perhaps some of us may actually stand to benefit from it, especially if it helps to widen our perspectives a little and maybe even enable us to gradually view things different (in the event someone else's reasoning manages to resonate with you).

So, I'd like to ask everyone here who is interested, to share some of your thoughts on reconciliation and include your reasons/experiences/tips/etc if you're willing to. Maybe this would serve to inspire a fellow community member (who is currently facing this predicament since relationships are an unavoidable part of everyone's lives) and help them to make a informed/confident decision.