Hi, Peter from Australia here. I was diagnosed October last year, primary treatment was two infusions of Rituximab, then high-dose mycophenolate and panafcort (50mg daily initially, now tapered down to 5mg daily). The infusion procedure is pretty easy, but takes about eight or nine hours per session with saline flushes, etc. I had two infusions a fortnight apart. the infusion itself had no untoward effect on me, the main worry was being careful of the cannula whenever I moved. I drove myself in to the infusion centre, drove myself home again, was a bit sleepy after that, but that was probably because Iíd been sitting in a chair for eight or nine hours. Thereís nothing to worry about with monoclonal antibodies, I actually hate the Panafcort Iím on more.

it sounds like you had a pretty quick diagnosis, lucky to get a doctor who knows what to look for. Thatís the main step in pushing this thing into remission, and keeping it back.