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Thread: Thx 4 Birthday wish

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    Default Thx 4 Birthday wish

    Today is my birthday (it's ten to twelve in the evening, just another ten minutes to celebrate)
    Yesterday I recieved an email with birthday wishes from the Wegs Support Group. Thanks Andrew!
    (I know you are at the other side of the globe, in another time-zone)

    Anyway, it was a reminder for me to take a look here, and to see how most of you are doing...

    About me: I have kind of 'smoldering Wegs' again, but with a pretty high daily dose of bactrim it is under control.
    Kind of scary is the fact that we have the corona (SARS-CoV-2) -virus within our borders, same as most other countries around the world.
    Our government took a lot of precautions, my hubby is working from home, so he won't have to travel by train four hours every day.
    As we were both a bit ill - we didn't know whether it was just a cold or maybe the new coronavirus- we had to stay home. So we did.
    Still we were pretty insecure. You cannot get tested when you don't have a fever, and we didn't.
    Anyway, we managed to get by. The groceries were ordered online, and will be delivered tomorrow.

    Still this was the strangest birthday I ever had.
    I hope this crisis will be managed well, by all citizins and gouvernments, and that all will soon be well again.
    Stay strong!
    Living with WG/GPA since june 2010...

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    Default Re: Thx 4 Birthday wish

    Hope your next birthday is more joyous occasion.
    Knowledge is power! Wisdom is using it to make good decisions!

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