I lost one of my front teeth last night, and spent the day at the dentist. Listened to the conference call when we got home.
I won’t even attempt to paraphrase what was said. This call was meant for the biotech analysts at major firms to reflect the stock. Our disease was presented in a stark light. The reference to high dose steroid effects was pretty darn serious. My humble interpretation is that this drug will be like an angel landing on my shoulders. The company is doing more tests of this drug to treat other autoimmune diseases. But, I feel (hope) it might be available to us by the end of 2020.
Reflecting what he said about cost, again just my thoughts, I am guessing it would be covered by healthcare, Medicare. He explained how currently many patients are hospitalized with costly long term effects, many can no longer work. This new drug in a very safe way would eliminate all of those infections and lifestyle changes.
The call will be available for us to listen to for the next two weeks. I will probably make a return visit. I know my husband will. Yes, it is scary to hear that the thing that invaded your body is a pretty bad dude. But I understand they must present the problem before introducing the solution.
Big thanks to Pete for finding it.