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I use Budesonide in my nasal rinse. It was REALLY painful the first few times. It felt like brain freeze followed by a stinging and itchiness just under my scalp. It does seem to help a little and those side effects only happened the first few times.

Keep safe and well.
Did you read the instructions on how to use Budesonide as a nasal rinse? You need to make a proper mix of distilled water, a saline little packet (sinus rinse) and budesonide. It is in the instructions that you receive when you get your budesonide. Sometimes I forget to add the saline packet, and like you said, when you put it inside your nose it hurts a lot. So when I prepare the mix, I make sure I include everything.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for taking the time to check I was adding the saline packet. I have used NeilMed packets each time, so not sure why it hurt so much the first few times, but I've been fine with it the last couple of months.