Hi everyone, I haven't logged on for ages but great to read all your supportive comments during these uncertain times.

Despite our very best efforts to keep Covid away (including disinfecting EVERYTHING that came even close to the front door!) it came for a visit at our house just before Christmas, when the UK's Kent variant took hold - luckily, although I did have symptoms (cough/temperature/loss of taste and smell) the symptoms were very mild compared to many poor folk who have contracted it! I have to confess it was a worrying time, not knowing which way it would go due to taking Azathioprine & Prednisolone but we (the whole family got it!) were looked after amazingly by a 'virtual Covid clinic' at our local hospital, who sent out a pulse oximeter and then called on alternate days for a fortnight to get oxygen readings and check on symptoms.

Interestingly, I was advised to stop taking the Aza until I felt better and had lost the temperature - this I did, but 2 weeks after stopping AZA my nose started to crust badly and bleed (I'd not had a flare or experienced any wegs symptoms for several years). My rheumatologist couldn't be sure if the Covid had gone for the 'weakest point' or whether it was Aza related. I guess I will find out when my nephrologist starts to decrease the Aza when the Covid situation is way more stable over here!

Today in the UK they have announced that the Astrazeneca jab will not be given to those under 30 (for once being the wrong side of 50 is a bonus!!��)

Stay safe & take the jab everyone!