Hello. New to the group and looking for answers. Will try and make my long story as short as possible. Summer of 2018 I had an episode of Papillitis (essentially optic neuritis affecting the nerve head/retina). Battery of tests: MRIs, bloods, lumbar puncture to rule out MS and other autoimmune disease. Nothing found. Ten months later, 2nd bout of papillitis. More testing, again nothing found. Five months later (Oct 2019), 3rd bout of papillitis. More testing, even went to the Mayo clinic with no answers aside from "Idiopathic Recurrent Papillitis". Most likely autoimmune in nature with the recommendation of starting Immunosuppression therapy. Have been on 20 mg Prednisone since Oct and just started MTX under guidance of local neuroimmunologist, who also suggested we check for Sarcoidosis since it can cause systemic inflammation. To my surprise, chest CT shows "evidence of granulomas" (few small calcified lesions) along with a calcified lymph node. Bronchoscopy (biopsy) performed, sufficient samples retrieved but NOTHING is found: no Sarc, no granulomas, no infection, etc. In my research I stumble on Wegener's and wonder if this is actually what I'm dealing with? I've had chronic sinus pressure headaches for the past decade (no infection, runny nose, crust, etc... just pain/pressure). I was "Dxd" with Raynaud's after a trip to the ER a few years back when my left hand turned blue. My eyes and lid margins have been red/veiny for years (not bright red like pink eye, but veiny and irritated looking). I've had tinnitus off/on for years with increased volume as of late along with pain/pressure and intermittent muffled hearing from time to time. My knees are killing me. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I'm planning to call a vasculitis specialist tommorow, but wondering if any of the blood testing, etc for Wegener's would even be accurate at this point since I'm on Pred+MTX already? I'm so tired of not knowing what's going on with me but am also terrified of finding out what's wrong with me at the same time. 😞 Neither Sarc nor Wegener's are something I want to have.