After so many years trying, we didn't manage to get Child. We startet VIF from the end of januar, and luckily I had a short protokoll. We got 6 eggs fertilised. Tomorrow I am getting one of the eggs transfer back.

I am stressed now and hope for some support from you. I am going to ask my doctor to give me a few free days from work. I have a Job that I work with multidisabled children, and I have to lift them and move them physically very often. By children I mean they are at middel school age. They are quite heavy for me Even when I am not pregnant or Even when i was not going though IVF. Så I have been thinking about to keep myself away from my work a few days after egg transfer.

I have not told anyone about IVF at work. I work basd on contract, i have a contract to this summer. I am worried i cannot get renew because of VIF and projected baby. So I have not told anyone. Many bosses don't want to hire some baby planing or pregnant women.

I have permition from work after they took ut eggs, til Tomorrow. After Tomorrow I need to ask my doctor to give me a new letter to prove that I can not work. Doctor will not write why, but my work might want to hear from me what is happening, and why I am sick so Long (from last friday).

On one side I feel i need to behave good in order to get a new contract. On the other hand i feel nothing is more important than my baby. I can't ruin the whole VIF by going to work right after transfering.

I don't want to Lie, but I have to think about what I should say to my boss. I hope I am not going to be jobless. I hope I am doing the right thing...