I was informally diagnosed by my pulmonologist in my hometown. I did the research and requested a referral to Cleveland Clinic. I saw Dr. Villa Forte 10/25. She did a bunch of new bloodwork and also sent off my lung biopsy slides for the people at CC to evaluate. She said she would call me when she got all the results, but she was also going out of town shortly after. She referred me to Dr. Gildea because I have lung issues and a narrowed opening on my left side. I've seen him a few times for bronchs. He placed a stent and then removed it. I'm scheduled to go back 1/31 to let him check it again. In the meantime, I've heard nothing from Villa Forte's office. I sent a couple messages and then finally called and left a message. She called me in the evening on 1/6 and talked to me for about 15 minutes. I feel like I got lost in the shuffle with all of the holidays in between and her being out of town. I feel like she's back at the starting point and had no plan for starting treatment yet. I had some infection in my lung and she said they wanted to make sure that is cleared before they do any of the meds that will deplete my immune system. I get that, I do. I'm just frustrated that it's been so long and I haven't even started any type of treatment.