I hope someone knows how this works. My mind is in a fog but even with that I think the problem is not me but some system I don't understand.

Sixteen days ago my Dr wrote a prescription for me to receive Rituxan. Apparently there is some office within the Medical Center where he works that the prescription gets sent to before it is gets submitted to the insurance company.

He wrote the prescription but the insurance company has not received it. This of course means that I cannot begin treatment. This means that for more than two weeks I have been getting worse , without treatment. I have been through this process before with the same Doc, same medication , and the same insurance company. In the past it took two days and I was able to start treatment.

I have been phoning the doctors office several times during the past week and they tell me things are probably slowed down due to the holidays. I cannot believe they do not have a process to get a prescription delivered to the insurance company for over two weeks 'because of the holidays'.

Does anyone know where a prescription goes before it leaves a clinic? I want to be ready to work on this Monday when I can make some calls and find out what is going on and I would call the Medical Center office first that is sitting on this if I can figure out where to start.