I wanted to check in with my fellow GPA friends. I hope you all are well. My question pertains to those of you who have taken or are taking Imuran. I have recently been swapped over to Imuran by my Rhuematologist. We have tried Methotrexate, Leflunomide, and now Imuran. I am a bit less than 2 years post diagnosis. I recieve RTX x4 every six months, and they are using the various meds to help mitigate the RA symptoms I am presenting. Anyway, on to my question: how have your symptoms been on azothioprene? I have had a general ill feeling, fatigue and a "fog" I guess? It almost feels like I am about to come down with the worst flu. I cant really think straight? It is hard to explain. I am doing the step up dose. 1 pill per day for a week, then 2 a day for a week, 3 pills, 4 pills, so on. Up to 5 pills with blood tests each week.

So what has your experience been like? Any tips on reducing the side effects? Last night was my first 2 pill dose and I took it before bed, but I woke up and feel like absolute trash. Thanks for your input!