Hi all! The rug feels like itís been pulled out from under me. I started having respiratory symptoms in March. Before my ďdiagnosisĒ the drs and I thought it was asthma. During this time, after 30 years of marriage and two lovely daughters, my husband and I decided to divorce. I hadnít even had time to process that and a month later I was told it looks like I have WG. The drs still arenít sure and Iím having test after test. My entire marriage I have walked on eggshells, constantly stressed and anxious. We still live together and the anxiety and stress continues which I know isnít good for WG. Our 14 year old hasnít been told about either of these huge life changes we are undergoing. Kids are smart, and she knows something is up but weíve decided to wait to tell her anything until anythingís definite. I honestly feel like Iím losing my mind. Our entire family is out of state, and support from my husband is nonexistent. Iím grateful for the good friends I have and hope I can find and give support here.