Hi Everyone!
Hoping one of you might be able to shed some light...
I haven't been feeling well for about 5 weeks...pain that comes & goes. (this week no pain at all!)
I had been to a walk-in clinic and then also saw my primary and everyone said I was fine.
Made an appointment with my Rheum doctor and convinced him to run a full set of labs.
He mailed me a letter that said all my labs came back normal...but then called me today and left me a voicemail stating "not to panic" but that my PR3 Antibodies were elevated and that it could be a sign that my disease was active but that we would just wait and see how I do. (I went totally off pred in June for the first time/no meds at all). He's away until Monday or Tuesday...so no answers until then.
If I haven't been feeling well...and a test confirmed my suspicion that wegs could be acting up...why would I wait any longer?
Am I waiting for damage to be done to my organs so it can be confirmed?
Trust me I don't want to go back on Pred...but I also don't want to go completely deaf (lost hearing in right ear completely due to wegs).
If I were the doctor I'd have them do a CT scan on my lungs, as my ears and my lungs is one of the first places the disease presented.
Am I over-reacting?
Thanks everyone!