I am going through a lot of blood tests, urinalysis, CT scans, MRIs ... just to get to know if its GPA, which organs are affected and then get away from current Prednisone to a non-steroid immunosuppressant med.

Time period: Last 2 months

  • A lot of joints and muscles ache. Mostly in bottom of both feet, elbows and back of the hands
  • Pressure in the top of eye, red eyes
  • Slight pain on the front of nose (sinus)

Whats known:
  • Kidney functions are normal
  • Lungs are clear from CT scans taken
  • No pain or inflammation in the throat area

Whats still unknown:
  • Nasal, Eyes and head MRI scans

Keeping me awake:
  • What part of my body starts paining tomorrow?
  • When can I get over Prednisone and to a known med which will balance my immune system
  • Do I need to go to GPA specialist or continue with Rheumatologist I have

Share your thoughts in this thread. I have gotten great response in the new patients thread - but here I will keep posting my path ahead as I go through the experience.