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Thread: First Rituxan for Relapse - Check! Thanks everyone!

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    Default First Rituxan for Relapse - Check! Thanks everyone!

    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, well wishes, prayers and good vibes!!! Everything went well yesterday with my Rituxan infusion. It ended up taking 8.5 hours because I had some shortness of breath when they first turned up the speed of the infusion. As for pre-meds, they gave me Tylenol, Methyprednisone and Claritin. I wondered about the Claritiin because that drug doesn't do much for me with seasonal allergies. When I had the reaction, they gave me extra Benydryl and Steroids and went really slow. The best news is that the first infusion is behind me and I am feeling pretty good today. Thank you, thank you!

    Your advice to drink a lot of water was also helpful, not only in getting a good IV stick but also in just processing the meds. I was tired last night and didn't have the most restful sleep but I know I will begin to feel better as the steroids are tapered and my nose begins to feel better.

    My doctor is putting me on Dapsone for a few months because I am allergic to Bactrim. I am a little nervous about adding another drug to the mix but I know they will watch the labs carefully. I'll plan to take a probiotic as I saw mentioned and suggested in some other posts on Dapsone.

    Having had Wegners/GPA for 41 years, since the age of 13, I have taken Steroids, Imuran, Cyclosporin and Cytoxin. It sure seems like Rituxan is the least toxic of all of these - what an amazing drug! I am hoping that my nose heals, doesn't fall anymore than it already has and that my 25-year-old kidney transplant holds up with these new meds in me.

    My next infusion is in two weeks and I am not sure what's planned after that. Will see my Rheum next week and see what her thoughts are. The specialist at Johns Hopkins that I saw said I might not need long term Rituxan because I have the Cyclosporin on board for the transplant. How long does the Rituxan take to really start working? Is it 2-3 months? Would love to hear your take on that.

    Anyway, thanks again for all of your words of encouragement. If I can help anyone out there, please let me know.

    Feeling better everyday,


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    Default Re: First Rituxan for Relapse - Check! Thanks everyone!

    Hi Kim,
    Glad the RTX infusion went well, especially after slowing it down and giving you a different antihistamine.
    I think you're correct with the 2-3 month period before RTX starts working, but for the time being the steroids kick in immediately.
    I don't think any of the meds you're on will put your transplanted kidney at risk, most will help in the case of rejection.
    I'm not sure if you will need further RTX after your next one. I had 4 initial doses over a 6 week period, then had it every 3 months for 2 years. I think this was quite an aggresive dose as it was part of the RITAZARAM trial. This research trial was to see if RTX was more effective than Azathioprine (Imuran). I think the trial was partly sponsored by the company that makes RTX, therefore the RTX dose was quite large, most likely to prove it's efficiency.
    Diagnosed April 1995

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