Have been on it (as I've mentioned) approx. 8 yrs. Down to 25 mg/day - although 2 yrs back (unbeknownst to doc) I began only taking every other day/3 times a wk. Someone on the forum suggested I inform doc of what I chose to do, which I have. He did not ask me to go back to the regular dosage.
I worry about sun exposure. I'm a courier, and in and out of my car a few dozen times a day. I apply 100 SPF (Wal-Mart) at the begining and in the middle of my shift (hate that stuff!). As well, wear a hat.
I developed to spots on two fingers a couple of months back. They concerned me, as I couldn't recall anything that I'd done to cause them. After a couple of weeks they scabbed and went away. I've heard said if they return I should have them looked at.

Just wondering about how you handle related things.

Many thanks! - David