Hi all

Extremely long time and no posts from me.
Those who do know me know I like to be difficult, or rather my disease likes to be difficult. I have the persistently grumbling sinus type of Wegs

I have been on RTX for about 7 years now and long story short I had Truxima last June which I reacted too and then I've reacted to 2 subsequent infusions of MabThera. I'm on MTX for maintenance although historically it doesn't hold remission for me for long.
I've tried Azathioprine and Mycophenolate and did not get on with these two... So as you can see I'm running out of drugs to try.
Cyclophosamide has been discussed and this is to be a last option drug.

So I've been struggling for a year now with my symptoms and feel like I am pre flare. My nose is very active but no signs of disease. A shed load of fatigue too but nothing showing in my bloods like high CRP or ESR.

Prof Jayne would like me to be part of an Orencia trial but only when the RTX is out of my system so we are waiting for July now.
In the mean time he has put me on Hydroxychloroquine as a maintenance alongside the MTX. Has anyone else been on Hydroxychloroquine and has it controlled your symptoms? The Prof said Guys in London did a successful trial with people like me who are persistently grumbling and it's really helped them control their symptoms. If you're one of those people please get in touch.

Thank you