@Eileen ann

It looks like your daughterís meds are pretty standard. I started at 60 mg of pred daily, but dosage may be related to weight (I forget). When the dosage gets below 10 mg, the taper may have to go even slower. When I got below 5 mg on my last taper, I dropped 0.5 mg/month.

Bactrim is usually given as prophylaxis for PCP pneumonia. Iíve had no known side effects from it, and itís cheap.

When I was first diagnosed, I had weekly labs. As my condition has been stable for several years, Iíve been able to reduce the frequency to every other month. My doctor gave a standing order to the lab so I can get labs more frequently if symptoms reappear.

The labs I get are CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel, C-reactive protein, sedimentation rate, and urinalysis with microscopy.