I am writing for my husband who has been diagnosed with Wegener's last year. It started with sinus issues that were first diagnosed as sinus infections, but, he never responded to several different antibiotics. Only when he was put on Prednisone did the issue resolve. Months later he was put on Methotrexate which he is still on and inflammation rate/levels have been normal since. He has now for a long time been experiencing ear pressure, some fluid and pain and hearing loss, but, the ear nose and throat doctors don't agree as to whether it is from Wegener's or not. One says NO, the other says Yes. His ears look fine, but, the problems persist. Is this a coincidence? and invisible problem? We are so puzzled, and he is sooo frustrated and suffering from this. His ANCA blood test showed positive even though he doesn't have all the classic symptoms, only some. Forgot to mention that in the beginning he had terrible headaches and scalp and teeth sensitivity which have been resolved by the prednisone and methotrexate. Any feedback would be helpful.