Hello All,
I am Prabu from Bangalore (India) diagnosed with GPA last year May. I have been in this forum from last 8 months and it really helps me in lot of aspects of understanding about my disease. Thanks everyone.

Just giving my short intro, I am 34-year-old working as a software professional at Bangalore, married, father of 4-year-old daughter, and native of south part of India.

For me it started with ear infection in December 2017, it never went away with any medicines and a surgery at Bangalore. After minor facial paralysis, I went to a hospital at Coimbatore (a southern city in India) and they did mastoid surgery but still facial pain was not reduced. Then they went for MRI scan to check any impacts to my brain because of accumulated ear fluid and they figured out no impacts, but incidentally they found some cavities in my lungs. And they suspected either Tuberculosis or some vasculitis. After elimination of tuberculosis, diagnosed for GPA with ANCA test and found positive.

Now I am back to Bangalore and completed 2 rounds of Rituximab 1000 mg, in two weeks interval on last July 2018. And also, one round of 500 mg of rituximab for maintenance on last December. Currently with 5mg prednisone every day. Recently concluded blood test tells that everything is normal except my ‘C-Reactive Protein’ is around 9.

I recently got an excellent opportunity to work at Australia, most likely will be at Perth. I never been in Australia and not aware of any medical facilities for GPA. I will most likely come with 482(Temporary Skill Shortage visa) work permit visa. For this visa I figured out I need to go for private health insurance.
I reached out to Andrew privately and he gave me very good information about different kind of private insurances available in Australia with following links
But I still need some more information on following aspects.
1. Any idea on which private insurance (and which type of insurance) cover WG with Rituximab treatment?
2. Since I already got diagnosed in India, I think mine will be part of pre-existing condition for private insurance. Any idea on what will be the waiting period for treating the WG on pre-existing condition.
3. What are the treatment procedures in Australia? (like do they diagnose again or start the treatment with the diagnosis done at India).
4. Any suggestion on good WG experts available at Perth?
5. If insurance is not covering WG, what would be the cost of the treatment in Australia?
Did anyone migrate with similar situation? It would be great help to me if you give me some insights on these things. Based on that I can able to take a wise call on migrating to Australia.