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Thread: Will be seeing my doctor to if I have Wegeners

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    Default Will be seeing my doctor to if I have Wegeners

    Hi everyone,

    First I want to apologise for the long essay.

    I'm new to the forum my mum found out about this website searching online to find out why I might be struggling.

    I have a silicone septal button which was put in 2015 due to a perforation from a blood clot in my Septum and the bone being exposed where the skull shows where the nose is formed if you know what I and basically the part that separates the nostril inside was none existant and had constant nose bleeds.

    I think it happened in 2008 after having major surgery to have a 7kilo ovarian cyst removed and left ovary and fallopian tube removed. I had blood inside my nose and constant nose bleeds afterwards but when I asked if it was due to the surgery no one would answer me. I carried on not knowing what was going on.

    In 2015 the nose bleeds started getting worse and having to pull big blood crusts from my nose and they were shaped like a cresant moon and when I looked I thought I can see the bone showing from the skull and then realised I had a big hole were the separation between the nostrils should of been and could stick my little finger through.

    I seen an ENT specialist and they said you need surgery but they couldn't fix the perforation because it was too big so they said we'll put a button in. I found out it was caused by a blood clot bursting in my nose from the major surgery in 2008.

    It worked for a while but now I'm getting crusts, blood and green mucus inbetween the button and when I wake up in the morning I have green mucus at the back of my throat and I have to remove it manually.
    I don't know if I have Wegeners so I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow but I wanted to know if anyone has gone through anything similar and again I'm sorry for the long essay.

    Thank you for reading and listening.
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