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Thread: Rituxan Tests Diabetes

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    Default Rituxan Tests Diabetes

    I have been meaning to get on this site and give updates At the end of September I had my third series of infusions. Wow, I realize I am one of the lucky ones who has a positive response. Makes me feel stronger and better. My blood work shows everything on an uptick, but the C-anca is still positive at 1.4 That?s an improvement. My Rheumatologist met with my husband and me for about a one hour appointment. He has said this before. C-anca is not the only thing to look at. He said he has another Wegeners patient who has never had a positive C-anca. I also told him how weak I was before the last infusion. So as Pete reduces his infusions, my next series is scheduled for 4 months instead of six. I am again slowly trying to reduce that Prednisone, but under 9 the yellow mucus makes an appearance. We all know what that means, and I want to nip a flare in the bud, so I am frozen in place.
    The day after the good visit with my Rheumatologist I had a first time appointment with an Endocrinologist. Never had sugar in my life, but it is a result of the prednisone. This doctor spent an hour and fifteen minutes with me. Wow, doctor?s spending time with patients. My sugar is not that high, but he put me on a mild medication and I now test it daily. He was careful about the medication and more blood tests because of the effect on kidneys. And he knew about kidneys and Wegeners. He asked when the last time I had my eyes checked (6 months) by the same ENT that diagnosed the Wegeners two years ago. Thought of Alicia. The endocrinologist even checked my feet. I felt it was time to add this specialist to my list. My GP doesn?t know what Wegeners is, and she told me to try diet and exercise for the diabetes. My husband just started with a new internist, knows Wegeners and I want to transfer to him. They are in the same group and frown on transferring within. If not able to do so I am out of there.
    I realize I am now old enough to be the mother of all my doctors except the ENT. I tell them all this too. Maybe that?s why they treat me so good, the way they want their own moms treated. Next thing you know I?ll be bringing them casseroles.
    Scroll down. I feel talkative today, so I am writing more in the general thread.
    Be Well.

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    Default Re: Rituxan Tests Diabetes

    Thanks for the update, Masha. Thanks God you are doing better. Sounds like you have at least 2 wonderful docs who take the time to listen and check and to give you the best treatment.

    Eyes check is important in WG every few months.

    C-anca is indeed not the only thing to look for, considering wg activity. My C-anca was high (we have another scale here) at my acute onset of wg on 2008. It remained positive all the years from 2008 to 2013 and only 3 months after the second rtx IV it became negative and stayed so, even during flares at 2015 and 2017. Pr3 which is a delicate derivative of C-anca turned out to be more accurate in predicting and indicating my flares or wg smoldering.

    As for diabetes, I tag @drz who knows a lot about it.

    Keep posting. I love reading your posts. You wrote wonderfuly on the other thread of Gigi.
    dx 2008

    Here, in this forum, I have found my sweet eternal love, my beautiful Phil.. :
    "You are my sunshine", he used to sing to me... "you make me happy, when skies are grey" I still answer him.
    Rest in Peace, my brave Batman and take care of your weggies from heaven, until we meet again.

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