Hi all, just moved to Atlanta and may or may not have Wegener's (I was diagnosed, then I went to the Vasculitis Clinic at UCLA, where the experienced director admitted mine was a tough case to figure out, but wanted to keep a close eye on it with frequent bloodwork).

I've seen some older posts asking about Atlanta doctors with either Wegener's expertise or who are willing to work with an out-of-town Wegener's dr. But I didn't see any resolution, so I was hoping for some fresh ideas?

(By the way, Dr. Waltuck is not taking new patients, Dr. Khasnis (recommended to me by my former doctor) doesn't seem to have an active profile anywhere. Emory's Vasculitis Clinic may be fine, but the dr. there cut back my bloodwork significantly. I would prefer the frequent bloodwork since I do have minor autoimmune symptoms, and I'd prefer to nip a flare in the bud.)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!