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Many people with GPA reach a plateau where symptoms reappear if they they try go down further. Some people can't get under 10 or more while others can get down to 2 or 3 or off totally but the risk of a flare dramatically increases when one goes off all their maintenance meds. For some people this is not a serous concern even though it may mean having more aggressive treatment again, for others though it is considered life threatening. Here is whee having a good relationship with a treatment team with considerable experience in treating GPA really pays off.
I cant get under 5mg pred. I am on pred since 2008, on higher doses during flares. I tried few times to taper down but got joint pains and the worst CRAZY headaches I ever felt. So not trying anymore. I am also on 6mg budezonide which is a steroid for my colitis. It is what it is.