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I dropped 35 lbs with Keto diet in 2 or 3 months which was great. Unfortunately, my cholesterol elevated much higher than a year prior. The doc gave me 60 days to correct with diet and test again.

This doesn't happen to everyone on Keto. Likely genetics, age (51) and too much red meat and bacon . Needed more fish and chicken.
You bring up a great point regarding Cholesterol! Unfortunately our doctors (like most everyone else) are uninformed/uneducated about nutrition. The new science on nutrition indicates that a cholesterol is not bad for us per se. The problem arises when we have high cholesterol, high carb, and sugar combined. This combination causes cholesterol to stick to the inside of our arteries in susceptible people. The Ketogenic diet is low carb, and nearly zero sugar. I haven’t had a craving for these foods since I began this. I will be happy to site references which prove this concept.After a recent Cardio angiogram my Cardiologist says my coronary arteries couldn’t look better (glad something does!).