I'm posting here to give some info about my kidney involvement. At this time this is all that I have. No symptoms at all. In fact I didn't even know there was any problem until my dr called to say my kidney function was low, I was put on a low salt diet 4 years ago to help with the blood pressure and take a load off the kidneys. I have been going every 6 months for blood work as I am on Blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

For the last 4 years my kidney numbers have been Creatinine 1.05-1.25 consistently with eGRF in the 49-56 range. Low but needing to be watched.
Mar 2017 Creatinine 1.2 eGFR at 50;
Sept 2017 Creatinine 1.4 eGFR to 40.8.

at this point my regular dr said drink more water and exercise and come back again in another 6 months. I really wish right here I had asked more questions and had a followup sooner than 6 months.

Mar 2018, my Creatinine had risen to 1.6 and eGFR was down to 34.9. That's when my regular dr referred me to the Nephrologist.

On Jun 6, on the day of my kidney biopsy Creatinine 1.7 and eGFR down to 31.9.

My 1st followup blood tests are tomorrow and I am really hoping to see any kind of improvement. My hubby doesn't want me to get my hopes up too high but to me any movement in the right direction will be a plus. Wish me luck!