After 7 years of remission while being treated at a vasculitis center I had a relapse. Out of nowhere I had sudden kidney failure (first time for renal involvement) and was in hospital for some time. There is only one nephrologist on staff at the vasculitis center and she isn't taking new patients (I guess I'm new after 7 years?). So they shoved me off on a nephrology fellow in the regular nephrology department who has no specialty in vasculitis.
Is this normal for GPA treatment when there is renal involvement? Has anyone else had this experience? I don't even know who is on staff at the vasculitis center now, all three doctors that I've seen in the past (including the director) have left.
I feel abandoned and don't know where to get help. My kidneys have improved over 6 months from stage 5 to stage 3 kidney disease so maybe I shouldn't be complaining.
I guess I'm just looking for any information and maybe hope.
Does anyone know a good nephrologist that specializes in GPA in or near Maryland? Don't say Johns Hopkins because that's where I'm currently being seen.