Hi everyone,

i was was diagnosed with Wegener’s September 2017 at University Hospital in Cleveland Ohio. I was set up with a UH Rheumatologist and started my treatments which are going ok with cyclophosphamide and will soon will take Methotrexate as maintenance along with prednisone like many of you. My issue is that every time I go in to meet with my “doctor” I see someone different. My doctor has fellows that work for him and it is a new fellow every time I go in. I called yesterday to have my latest fellow call in a Perscription for the Methotrexate and a different dose of prednisone and the secretary in a whisper told me that my latest fellow’s last day will be on Monday. So all his orders for blood work, and the fact that I am starting the Methotrexate next week, which I am a bit scared to start not knowing how I will react to it, I don’t feel I have a doctor I can call on if I have problems. So I am wondering if anyone knows of a doctor in the Cleveland area connected with UH that has experience with Wegener’s? I know that Cleveland Clinic has doctors experienced with Wegener’s but I am hoping to stay with UH. I really feel like I need some constancy!