Last week when I returned from my insomnia induced infusion I thought I would glance at this site before I read my book. First, thank you Andrew for giving me a place of support and understanding. Y’all have bonded beautiful friendships. I only hope I can be a tag along after you have had years together. Some of you have gone to the other side and returned to tell about it. To read these past threads together, I see hope, pain, love, loss and laughter. I truly understand how this disease has changed you for the better. In my early twenties I went through a car window and demolished my face. No it was no fun, just like Wegeners is not a walk in the park. BUT, suddenly I grew up and I have been able to live a life full of appreciation and empathy for others. That was my Aha moment.
In 68 years I have learned life is changing constantly, and the best way to survive is to do the best you can with what you have to work with. This is the same message I got from your threads. It is not always easy to be positive, but that will get you the best results.
I sit in judgement of no one, nor do I want anyone to sit in judgement of me. I really don’t know why I have this disease, so many things have gone through my mind.
What I do know for sure is that I am stretching my arms across the miles, over the mountains and past the oceans to give you all a big hug. By coming to this site to question, to comfort and to share YOU ARE THE WINNERS!
Be well,