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Thread: Gastro. Issues - Others?

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    Default Re: Gastro. Issues - Others?

    Quote Originally Posted by Helen View Post
    Hi Bing, I was referring to Rheumatology, where one was under the Vasculitis Foundation. The front desk claimed to not know if their own Rheumatology Dr. in the next room had GPA knowledge. It's a simple question they could've inquired, but they wouldn't. Somehow, someone (suspect the ENT) alert them to state "your issues are likely allergies" and "go to an allergy clinic", to decline an appt. This came from front desk staff who I've never met. I don't know how, but appears by reviewing patient's info. in the computer medical portal system. I simply do not know. (The only other person to throw out "allergies" was the recent ENT). So, oddly denied a Rheumatology consult. based upon this

    What exactly is an Internal medicine Dr? What's the difference between this and a GP?
    I wish I was able to be seen by the ENT my Gastro specialist (who suspected/dx Wegeners) referred me to. But the ENT agency blocked it, claiming it was "Against Policy" and only allowed to see the same lousy one from the past. I will eventually post a (too long) explanation of this ENT exp. to AnneKat. I hope members here will forgive me for it's length, as it was too difficult to summarize the situation. -H.
    Ahh I see, you do not have a solid diagnosis. Your post from another thread concerning ears, you know the one about Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, was very informative, it was excellent, but I noticed it was so different and out of character from your other posts, from which one would see utter confusion. As if it's another...well I digress.

    Here's the thing, when I was diagnosed, I read a lot information here and there, and I will tell you most of the info I found extremely helpful in directing me on how not to proceed, and most importantly on how not to allow my physicians to proceed. Physicians I hired to work for me, period. I have a team of four, and there is a pecking order, one which I decided: Pulmonologist, ENT, Internist, Rheumatologist. I only need the Rheumatologist for blood work and to hang an IV bag on a pole if I need maintenance, and If I need an opinion. Of course, if I continued to have kidney involvement, at the beginning I did have kidney involvement (Rituxan turned it around), I would have the Nephrologist up at the front along with the Pulmonologist. It took roughly 30 days to DX and initial treatment was 45 days of Cytoxan, Pred, and Bactrim. Rituxan treatment began and I stopped taking Bactrim, and weaned off pred. I am 4 years into this now and in remission. In the long run, from what I have seen on here on how not to proceed, my docs are on the same page. We go on how I feel, and steroids and antibiotics are not for daily or weekly use. Complications from GPA is what gets you and over use of those drugs will lead to complications.

    When searching for a physician, use Cigna's search engine, or another big insurance carrier's website. They have deeper pockets, and their algorithm-based search engines are better. I found the foundations map incomplete and lacking.

    Helen, I hope you find the right doctor and if your Gastro suspects GPA, then stick with him/her and get things going in the right direction.

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