I had my first dilation yesterday and just thought I would let you know how it went in case anyone is facing one. I was really nervous about it but there was really no need. I went down to theatre at 10.15am at 12.30pm I was tucking into a sandwich and some ice cream. My throat was really sore and I had to wash eat bite of the sandwich down with some tea but I managed it. They said my subglottic stenosis was only grade 1 and I only had a dilation as he didn't want to use the laser at first he wanted to try the most conservative approach. He did say I will more than likely need it doing again but can't say when that will be, I am seeing him in 3 months for a check up. Fingers crossed it lasts a while. If it doesn't it would not bother me having another dilation. I did not have to spend the night in hospital they said I could go home as long as there was someone with me for 24 hours.

Today my throat is still a bit sore but I can eat normal, I think its sore because I have been coughing a bit which I assume is the anaesthetic.

I was well impressed with the NHS in the UK as its free, all patients had a room to themselves with their own toilet, tv etc and all the staff were lovely.