Hi Alysia,
My wife (Katrina) says "Thank you!"
"Lockdown" was relaxed somewhat 2 days ago, including restaurants. But I feel it's still too unsafe, so I will prepare her whatever meal she likes.
I feel really sorry for others awaiting transplants, as there is VERY few happening during this pandemic.

I haven't updated as frequently, partly due to my appointments been further apart and also because things are thankfully stable.
I feel quite well, but still have little energy most of the time.

Things are stable with my kidney function, in fact, at 46% function it's the highest it's been in the last 12 months.
My ferritin (iron test) keeps dropping (11, range is 17-300), so the Dr is prescribing iron tablets. I must be the only person with Haemochromatosis that takes iron tablets
My bowels have not been good for many years, so my transplant Dr is referring me back to Gastroenterology.