Latest results show kidney function has stayed the same at 36%. I'm happy with that, as on the odd occasion when I've had an improvement (like the last result), the following test result has shown a decline.

My bowels have been improving since moving from Mycophenolate Mofetil to Mycophenolate acid. So if there's anyone on this forum taking Myco Mofetil and suffer with their bowels, ask to change to Myco acid.

The whole area around my new kidney and left side of bladder area, has been more uncomfortable and painful when pressed. The Dr examined and he wasn't overly concerned, but said he wanted to keep a close eye on it. He added quite a few more blood tests to the usual ones and is considering another ultrasound, or another biopsy.

Away from medical issues, I had a good couple of days this week as we went to my son's graduation. It was nice to leave the house for something fun, rather than hospital appointments, or shopping.