Hello friends. Hope you've all had a good Christmas.
I started the thread "Dialysis choices" 20 months ago when it looked like I would be needing dialysis within a couple of months. That thread evolved into more transplant related discussion than dialysis, so I have now started this transplant thread.

So, after a long 19 month wait I finally got the call to say say that the donor's (my dad) tissue was a close enough match, but due to many previous blood transfusions, I had many antibodies, some of which were "attacking" my dad's blood.
The test was repeated and 1/2 hour ago I got the results..........It's all go for transplant!!!! My antibodies against my dad must have settled down enough.
There should now be a 2-3 weeks wait to see the Multidisciplinary Team at St. James in Leeds and the transplant itself 3-4 weeks later.

My wife is SO excited. I know I should be, but I'm a bit in shock and also very nervous, due to the bleeding problems I have, which have not been resolved.

I'll continue to update my progress so others who end up in my situation have an idea of what to expect.