From my crazy point of view everything you are doing is normal. I would be doing the same thing. Just remember they are going in to fix you.
Yes, we do not say everything to loved ones when we should. But this is not goodbye. This is just clearing the deck. You will come out of this feeling like a hurtin’ frog, but happy as a pig in mud. You will start life anew. Yes, there will be follow up, but the worst will be behind you. You have grand things to look forward to. Life will be an adventure, not a waiting game.
I am now officially asking everyone who reads this post to send good thoughts your way on March 19. If you pray, please pray, if you don’t then look at the sky and make a wish on Gilders behalf.
It could be any one of us. Wouldn’t y’all want the world to join together for hands across the water for you? Mark your calendars. There is strength in numbers.