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Poll: Have you had a manifestation of, or know to have antibodies to the Epstein-Barr Virus

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Thread: Epstein Bar Virus Curiosity

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    Default Epstein Bar Virus Curiosity

    Hey gang. I'm just reading an interesting book right now and am curious as to the history on this group - you know how we're always trying to make the connection. Depending on the results that come back, I might be eating my fighting words that I directed at another member on this site. Something I'd be happy to do if it means getting closer to an answer to this disease.

    The question is have you ever in your life had a viral infection of Epstein Bar Virus (in the form of Infectious mononucleosis, Burkitt's lymphoma or nasopharyngeal carcinoma) or know that you have antibodies to the EBV virus?

    Yes or No

    (I'm gonna try and put in a poll, but I haven't done it before so if it's not here, just answer the question in the responses. I've turned into such a luddite, ha ha ha)
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