I went in for my endoscopy on Wed. and I told him I did not want my throat dialated unless it was necessary, well I guess he thought it was. All went well until the end. My two front teeth have crowns on them,from when I was very young and wanted to be a dancer when I grew up but I was spinning around on a newly waxed kitchen floor and fell flat on my face. Well fast forward.. anyway when I woke from the anestesia (sp?) they said my crown and tooth under it broke off. I had to go immediately to the dentist..still wigged out from being drugged up and since the pred has made my gums and teeth not as good they need to make me a bridge with 6 crowns. And the grand total of that is going to be over $ 6000.00. The hosp board is going to decide IF and what they will pay and let me know Wed. In the mean time they gave me a fake tooth that wont't stay in. My throat was killing me, have had a low grade fever and now the stitches are coming out. I am very surprised I don't have in ulcer. No vacations for me this year