Thanks sooo much for stating that many people with GPA live fairly normal lives followed treatment! I’m waiting (finally!!) for biopsy results from Thursday’s procedure following 16 months of horrific symptoms that no doctor here understood or treated. Finally got myself into Cleveland Clinic with a Pulmonary Specialist and a Vasculitis Specialist. A week inpatient couldn’t get me a confirmed dxs . Left almost hopeless. It was a University of VA ENT who pulled it together and realized the horrible ear symptoms of 16 months may be due to inflammation of artery and blood vessel above my ear. Now hoping for results before Thanksgiving !!
I needed to read that I do have a good chance of walking out of this nightmare world with treatment . Both CC specialists expressed optimism that this is very possible in my case. It just helped reading that here too!! Thanks again!You’be given me badly needed hope today.